Carolina Concierge and Courier

About Us

images shows portrait of Donald Lancaster of Carolina Concierge and Courier of Greenville, NC

Donald Lancaster, Owner

Carolina Concierge and Courier began in 2014 with the simple philosophy of helping local businesses and individuals who are too busy with day to day activities regain use of their valuable time. By taking responsibility for those things that take up so much of a busy persons day, our clients are able to use that time in a manner that best suits their needs. From concentrating on important job tasks or spending more quality time with family and friends.

Carolina Concierge and Courier takes pride in bringing superior concierge service to our clients. And they are assured that the tasks performed are done so by trained individuals who are both licensed and bonded. Including service vendors who may provide services beyond the scope of general concierge services.

Donald W. Lancaster is Founder and CEO of Carolina Concierge and Courier. He is a graduate of Triangle International, a recognized world leader in concierge training.